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What We Do

IDM Consulting Services

We offer remote or on-site consulting services for Sun, Oracle and Sailpoint Identity Management software solutions.

IDM Support Services

We can provide on-site or remote support services to help you or your team with Identity Management software solutions.

IDM Development Services

With a team of over 10 developers, we can help you with custom workflows, connectors and customizations PLUS much more.

IDM Training Workshops

We offer HANDS ON training workshops for Sun Identity Management, Oracle Identity and Access Management and Sailpoint.

IDM System Healthchecks

Our MOST POPULAR service! We offer a NEW AND UNBIASED view to your current IDM solution to help you in your future IDM path.

IDM Architecture

IDM is NOT a simple PLUG and run software, you need to understand this complex engine. Let us help you architect the RIGHT solution.

Our Most Recent Projects (past 12 months)

  • Sun IDM Deployment

    Sun IDM 8.X Deployment on Solaris
  • Oracle IDM 11GR2 Installation

    Installation on Oracle Linux in HA mode
  • Sailpoint 7.X Migration from Sun IDM

    Hand held customer thru Sun IDM to Sailpoint 6.X
  • Oracle OAM 11G Deployment

    Installation on Oracle Linux in HA mode
  • Sun IDM Upgrade

    Upgrading Sun IDM 7.X to 8.X on Solaris
  • Oracle IDM 11GR2 Support Services

    Developed UI customization, workflows and connectors
  • Oracle OAM 11GR2 Upgrade

    Upgrade to 11GR2 on Oracle Linux in HA mode
  • Sailpoint 7.X HA Installation

    Installed on RHEL in HA mode
  • Sailpoint 7.X Installation

    Installed on RHEL, customized workflows, UI and roles

If you like what you see, let's work together.

Hire Us

IDMGuru.COM benefits

Where We Come From

As professionals in a very NICHE market, we pride ourselves on providing the best consulting, support and training services at the best rates!

Consulting Services

We offer the best rates in the INDUSTRY, period! Not only do you hire us BUT out team of over 100+ years of combined experience!

Support Services

We provide standard 8 X 5 or extended 7 X 24 support services in 4 languages around the world in any time zone!

Customization Services

Let us help you customize your roles, workflows, connectors, UI and much more. We have a team of over 10 developers worldwide!

Training Services

All of our trainers are consultants and have attended formal Sun, Oracle and Sailpoint training. All are certified (where available). Now we train you!

Why Choose IDMGuru.com

We are all FORMER employees of the three products we work with on a day to day basis. We are full of passion, integrity, commitment and honesty!

As former employees of HUGE (and mini) corporations we take our work and livelihood 100% SERIOUSLY! We deliver what we promised, on time and within budget (everytime). As a client you will get access to our CRM system where we log all work, changes, requests etc... so that everyone is on the same page in terms of project scope, deliverables and budget. We will not dance around a subject or avoid a topic. We are brutally honest! If you are looking for an extension of your team that works VERY well with others, then we are the folks for you! We love to chat about IDM, give us a call NOW!
Unlike other consulting companies who assign the same engineer to multiple projects, we ONLY assign one client to our engineers. We are 100% dedicated to the success of your project and will do whatever it takes to make sure we are all on the same page, same deliverables and same budget number! As a dedicated team, we expect and request that our clients will have the same attitude towards their project as we do, as that is CRUCIAL in the success of YOUR IDM solution.
Since we are consultants and NOT SALES PEOPLE, we are BRUTIALLY honest about your project. We will NOT SUGAR COAT any issue, beat around the bush or try and avoid the topic. We will shoot straight from the hip! This attitude of ours has made us have a 100% REPEAT CUSTOMER RATIO!

About Our Company

Our Skills

Here is a break down of how our typical engineer and consultant spends their time. This does NOT include our developers who are 100% code and UI Gurus!

  • Installation / Deployment 20%

  • Support & Consulting 50%

  • On-Site Coding 15%

  • Training Clients 15%

Why Choose Us?

We are a small IDM company that has a team of VERY PASSIONATE and VERY well educated engineers to help you with ANY aspects of your current and future Identity Management project.

  • In business for over 7 years.
  • Trained by Sun, Oracle and Sailpoint.
  • Over 100 years of deployment experience!
  • Over 125 years of development experience!
  • Over 100 IDM deployments under our belt!

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at our San Jose, CA office. We also have offices in Dallas, Chicago, Paris, Geneva and Mumbai.

2880 Zanker Road # 203, San Jose, CA 95134
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What Our Customers Think

IDMGuru are GREAT bunch of guys. Nunu was on site and ALWAYS knew the answer to our questions and spoke our language! The project was on time and on budget! That is a RARE thing to have nowadays! Nikolas Brooten
Karim's team of developers in India are ROCK solid and very professional. Pascal was a great extension of our IDM team and some of my managers even thought he was a full time employee. It was a great project!Coriss Ambady
We were very nervous with our migration from Sun IDM 8.X to Sailpoint 6.X. IDMGuru's way of migrating was right on and we had less than a one hour outage. This project was on time, on budget and STRESS FREE!Barclay Widerski
We were so HAPPY to engage IDMGuru! These guys knew Sailpoint like the back of their hand. Their engineers were VERY knowledgeable and always knew how to solve ANY of our problems without custom code! Elsie Spear

Steps in Our Works

We use a simple FOUR stage methodology to make sure ALL of our projects are on time and on or under budget. It is very important to make sure ALL parties are on the same page. Here are the high levels:


We go thru a week to month long discovery of your current system and gather all relevant data.

Analysis & Testing

We analyze and then map the requirements to a QA system where we test our work against live data.


After a month long test in the QA system, we do a production flick-of-the-switch!

Test Deployment

We then spend one to three months on-site taking care of ANY issues that may come up (the always do)!

Our Clients

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